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February 13
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Exo [SSC14] by Danlosant Exo [SSC14] by Danlosant

Itīs now or never!!! I've been very busy these last days, so I submit what I got now. :D (Big Grin) 

OS: Windows 7
VS: SPBB by neiio MOD[Not TT, I like to use my setups for the day by day]
WP: By PlyushB @ interfacelift [MOD by memovaslg]
LS: Exo by me
CAD: Exo by me
Launchy: Exo by me
Folder icons: Milk by Wil Nichols
Font: Exo
Mactype: Custom

It was also designed an Avepreview skin, but Iīll not be able to correct the bugs in time, so I use Quick View. When you click on the battery icon this switchs to the clock [The idea was to have a wather skin, but fuck the time! =P (Razz) ] The popup in LS is obviously inspired in  DSCN.

Maybe you may have noticed that the color red is my favorite. ;) (Wink) 

EDIT: This suite has been released:

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Thanks for allowing me to upload the theme I did with EXO colours in mind.

It can be viewed online at the Flavours Store here:…

Sorry about the lengthy url.

I've locked the theme down so that there can be no other works based on this. I did this to protect you.
Very nice screenshot! Would love to put a theme together for Flavours for Mac with this colorscheme.
Danlosant Mar 25, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
that sounds great, please tell me more about it :)
If you see the following screenshot and decide it's against what you did with EXO then of course I won't release it under any EXO name. I'm asking if I can use the beautiful colorscheme instead :)

Link to a screenshot of my current desktop.…

It must be said that I was under restrictions wit regards to filling the entire Finder window with the main colour in EXO suite because the font would be awful to look at. I'm waiting for whatever comes next with Flavours for the Mac.
Danlosant Mar 26, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
I know flavors and mac custo could be a pain in the ass, but this lloks great, even with the limitations of flavors. You can release it if yoou want. :D
You are very kind. Thanks.

I'm just holding out for further releases of Flavours to see if the team behind it can somehow give us custom colours in the main windows and the menubar. 
Mind sharing the VS style mod?
Danlosant Mar 9, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
sorry NFR
wow great work :clap:
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